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Ciné-club #8 – Butterfield 8 [La Vénus au vison]

Butterfield 8, Daniel Mann, 1960
Gloria is the most elegant and highest paid call girl in all of New York. Having spent the night with Weston Liggett, for whom she discovers feelings that she was unaware of until then, she is shocked to find that he has left money for her. To take revenge, she decides to play a prank on him and makes off with the mink coat belonging to Weston’s wife, the very rich Emily. Weston and Gloria meet again and fall in love. Gloria has completely forgotten the mink story, but when Weston finds out about it, he is furious, believing that Gloria stole the coat to mock him. He breaks up with her, after which a despairing Gloria kills herself in a car accident. Weston decides to start his life again from scratch.

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