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Scenes in America Deserta – The Wind (Le Vent) + Alaya

The Wind, Victor Sjöström, 1928, 95’
The wind never stops blowing in this region of the American desert, where a recently orphaned young girl, Letty, comes to stay with her cousins. Under pressure from a jealous relative, she marries Lige, a cowboy of modest means. When he goes on an expedition, leaving his wife alone, a sandstorm arises. Left to her own devices, Letty is joined by a former suitor.

Alaya, Nathaniel Dorsky, 1976-1987, 28’
“Alaya perfectly creates a music of light through a ‘temporal space’ larger than one can imagine (see how brief some of Peter Kubelka’s perfect works are, for example…) and this with a minimum of means, characteristics and tones. After three minutes, I became aware of the rhythmic subtlety of each shot and the transition from one shot to another, which would bring each image into place within the aura.” ―Stan Brakhage

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